Shape Guide


The Mini-Mal – Beginners to Advanced
Perfect for the person who likes the feel of a longboard but wants more maneuverability. Easier to carry and manage out in the water but with all the surfing ease of a longboard. Great for kids and smaller adults looking for a great beginners board or the experienced longboarder needing something more maneuverable.

The Longboard – Beginners to Advanced
A modern replica of what the sport was started on. Paddle into what ever you want and hang ten all the way to the beach. Among the most popular boards in the water and for good reason, easy to start on and always fun.

The Softboard – Beginners to Intermediate
This is the perfect board to learn to surf on, the length and width of these boards are designed to maximise stability and are easy to paddle on. The softboards have a slick bottom which ensures maximum speed and smooth rails to ensure easy turning. The soft construction of the board ensures you don’t get hurt during the spills while you still enjoy the thrills.

The Retro Fish – Intermediate to Advanced
A popular alternative to the high performance shortboard. Created in the 70s, the fish is typically shorter and thicker than a short board and comes with a swallow tail and a larger twin fin set up. Its unique shape allows for a looser, faster board for fun on those smaller days. A great board for someone trying to make the transition to shortboarding or spends most sessions riding sloppy waves.

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